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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Different Between Simple Sites Big Profits And The "Other" Programs?

For Starters I actually care about your success and provide personal assistance to all of my students.  After you order you will be able to contact me via email, phone, and instant messenger.  Sometimes I may be busy but I try to get back to you within three business days.

Secondly - simple sites big profits is a 'living' program meaning as i get more and more questions from my students about what they want to know and what they want to know more of I add that to the program.  As a simple sites big profits owner i will provide you all the updates as they come out... Even if the price of the program goes up for the other people!

Lastly Simple Sites Big Profits teaches you to be a marketer first.  Many other programs out there will teach you little tips and tricks and things that helped them make money.  But if you don't understand marketing and how the internet works you will forever struggle with this business.  Not only do i teach you what you need to do... but I show you EXACTLY how to do it. 

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How Much Is Starting An Internet Business Really Going to Cost Me?

You Can Get Started With Less Than $100 If You Want.... That's What I Did!

Are There Any “Hidden Fees” In Your Program?

The Only Extra Thing You Will Need Is Web Hosting For Your Site (You Can Get This At $9 For Unlimited Sites) Everything Else Is Included... I May Recommend Some Paid Tools (but I have free versions of everything you need) 

How Do I Find A Niche That Isn’t Over Saturated With Marketers?

Inside your simple sites program I go over this in detail... there are literally thousands of keywords you can use that other marketers haven't even begun to saturate... there is a list of 25 of these in your members area... and I have another list of over 5,000 of them on my desk. - If you need help finding your niche, order simple sites, then call me and I will personally help you find your niche so you can start right away.

How Do I Get Paid?

On your simple sites desktop click "top profit centers" that will give you a list of all the companies i work with to get the best offers and the best payouts... they take good care of us.

Can This Really Work For Someone Who Isn’t “Internet Savvy?"

Yes! If you are willing to do the work and learn my step by step process.

Can This still Work even if I have very little time?

Yes... there are little things you can do in about 15 minutes a day that can start making money for you right now.

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Disclaimer: Simple Sites Big Profits And the Simple Sites Big Profits Website is a guide showing you how I have used the simple sites big profits method to generate an income online for over 9 years now.  While I cannot guarantee that you will make money following these steps I will teach you everything I can and try to help you personally. As with any business there is always a  possibility you may even lose money. The Sites And Examples Referenced In This Website And In The Simple Sites Program May Not Be Producing The Same Results, May Not Be Making Money, Or Even Be Running At The Time You Are Reading This.