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Over the past few years there has been an overwhelming amount of books, audios, videos, and tools about how to make money as an online affiliate marketer. So how do we know which ones to believe that will help you make money online.

Well here is the key. In order to market anything online you need to find a way to get eyeballs to your website.  That is to say you need people who are interested in what you are offering.

There are two ways you can do this online:

1. Use paid traffic methods like PPC Or Banner Networks.

2. Generate "free" traffic from organic search engine rankings, use viral marketing tactics, or generate links from high traffic pages.

Over the past 7 years I have generated a great income using all of the above methods. Mostly paid search and organic search. I will attempt to show you how you can duplicate my success.

First off you must find a niche market for your offer. That is what do people search for related to your offer Keyword Elite is a great program you can use for this. This program will show you the keyword, searches per month, and the bid price.

On Pay per click, once you find your niche you need to think about your break even point.  For example if you bid $1.00 and your product is $150... you need a sale every 150 clicks to break even. Believe me this sounds easier than it is, unless of course you can find niches.  This about this...

If you find a niche for $0.30 per click that is really really targeted... but only gets 25 clicks per day to your site... but because its targeted you make one sale per day.  That means your cost is around $7.50 for a $150 sale... not bad considering the fact that you can find more niches, and use opt in forms to gather prospects.  I have a friend who does this with 20 cent clicks and gets a sale every  couple a days for a $40 product.  He now has a list of 2200 prospects and made over $2000 off one email he sent to his list.  All from a simple niche word. learn more here

Not to bad huh?

All he needs to do now is get more niche words, make more landing pages, and get more people into his marketing funnel.

Ok so how bout the "FREE" traffic.  Well there's 2 ways you can do this.

1. find untapped niches and optimize your page learn more here

2. spend lots of time, effort, and money to rank for terms with lots of traffic. learn more here

My advice... Try pay per click first to find out if your market is worth the effort.  If it sells and generates and income... by all means possible get more eyes for more profit.

I love affiliate, its fun, i can do it from home... and it makes me money while im on vacation... actually... when i took my family to Hawaii last summer i made more while there than the whole trip cost... including the mia ties, and $75 steaks ...lol... it was great :)

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