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After Sending An Email To My Subscribers Asking Them For Their Top "Make Money Online" Questions... Here Are The Questions I Got... And My Answers.


I Have Very Little Money TO Start With... Can This Still Work?

Basically this will work for anyone on any budget if you are willing to put forth the effor and stick to it.  Keep in mind when I first started I had less than $100 in the bank.  The key to making this work where there is a lack of money is creativity... if you can think creative (which i teach in the manual) you will be able to make up for the lack of advertising dollars.

Also I don't believe in nor will i ask you to spend tons and tons of money before seeing any money coming back... my motto is... it it doesn't pay... stop throwing money at it.


How do I know what you say is really true and not just a bunch of Bull?

If you want to find out if I’m for real you can always call me. 800-893-0675 if I don’t answer right away I usually get back to you in an hour or so.

Also you may "snoop" around online, I've been around since early 2001, there have been some pretty decent reviews and write ups on me.

here is a special report I did on how to spot an internet scam


HOW do you market the sites...what is your 'secret'?

The big secret is to find what people search for first.  This is where I believe most people fail.

Most people would pick a product to market… then find words for that product.

So they would find something like a dieting ebook that pays $30 a sale.

Then they would find words related to “diet” and pay for clicks…

most of the time loosing money Or at best breaking even.

I like to market my sites the opposite way… I first find interesting keywords people use

Then find products and affiliate programs to fit that market.

For example:

A few weeks ago I found a really good keyword for the dieting market this word gets 200-300 daily searches, and I can get those visitors to my site for just 10-30c each. (most dieting terms are much more expensive and less targeted) as a result I am able to spend an average of $30-40 a day to market that site and I bring in $80-140 a day in revenue… so I profit about $40-80 a day on it. 

Not a ton of money… but then again its only one niche and only took a few hours to build the site.

There are a few other ways I use such as organic rankings, you tube, and joint ventures

I usually use paid search though… its faster and much easier.



If your a newbie, don't know much about the internet, How long would it a take person from day one to start earning $100 per day or more on a consistent basis?

That’s a tough one to answer.

Some of my students have done really well in a short period of time and some don’t do much of anything or even loose money.

The key is to find something and stick with it till you start to see some results... whether its $1 a day profit or $100 a day profit... every result you get is a step towards where you want to be and gives you insight into how this all works... you must be committed to learn and committed to stick with this business as long as it takes.



Which niche should I focus on, and how do I find good niches?

The best way to find niches is to completely forget about what you are going market and just look for keywords that have high traffic and little competition.

Inside simple sites big profits there are a bunch of tools you can use to find niches... including some I haven’t revealed before... these are really good ones I use daily. Most of them don’t cost anything.

For now you can use the adwords tool... its good but kinda limited as it doesn’t give "daily search volume" which I really like.

For More Info On Finding Niches Check Out




If you had only 5-6 hours a week to spend making money online, where would you start?

I would definitely start by setting up a small website based on something I was passionate about... and grow it a bit each week as time went on.

For example one of the things I love is performing magic. I have started making a site on it and right out of the bat it was making about $50 a day in profit... each week I try to add something new to it to ramp up the revenue... sometimes its just a few bucks added to the daily revenue but it ads up really fast.

If you would like to get started with simple sites big profits... I can personally help you get started on your first site. Its not to hard to learn if you have the templates and everything provided in the kit.

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Question #7:

What about web hosting... do i have to pay for each simple sites i create every month... doesnt that add up to a lot of money?

Host unlimited domains + get up to 5 FREE domains with your 1&1 hosting account.

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Heck they even give you tons of advertising credits to get started with!


To the best of my knowledge the information contained in this book and videos is true and accurate.  We cannot guarantee that you will make money using these principals.  Please use discretion when marketing online and contact a lawyer for any legal advice.  We are not responsible for how you decide to use this information.

This is a guide showing you how I have used the simple sites big profits method to generate an income online.  I cannot guarantee that you will make money following these steps. it is possible you may even loose money.