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Hi There,

This last week my wife and I decided to take our two daughters to Disneyland for thanksgiving week since they were out of school.  I'm not that fond of Disneyland but I did encounter something that can completely change the way you think about marketing online.

It all happened when I waited in a line for 35-40 minutes to get some lunch. the place was busting at the seams with people barging and pushing to get lunch....

I waited in line for 45 minutes... but why?

Was the food spectacular and worthy of awards.... hardly!
Was it a nice restaurant overlooking the ocean... not even close!
Did Mickey mouse come serve my kids... nope!

So what was the deal... were we all nutz?

Nope... We were hungry!

You see it really didn't matter that my burger was salty and barely edible and $8 too boot! It didn't matter that there was an insanely large line... all that mattered was, the kids need to eat and they got some food.

$57 dollars latter for some chicken nuggets and salty burgers... and my brain started turning...

This here is a thirsty crowd.  The marketing message doesn't matter all that much, the product doesn't have to be all that great, the sales letter was non existent... yet this burger stand is packed with money waving customers.

Here's the deal... your thirsty crowd lies in your keyword list on the internet.

If you get that right... you win the game.

Take this for example...

873 people each day search for "buy fireworks online"

My guess is that they want to buy some cool explosives to set off on thier front porch. This is an example of an easy to use, ready made, niche market. You can make a lame site and make decent money because people want to buy.

I did this in 2003 with the word "gas powered scooters for cheap" selling over $16,000 a month in scooters off of 210 searches per day really showed me the power of using keywords to target a thirsty audience.

Since then I have used this system to generate over $1,789,432 in revenue from various websites using targeted keyword lists and simple websites.

This is the most important part of your online marketing presence.

Here are some tools to help get you started:

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