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"Dorky 20 Year Old Magician Cracks The Biggest Secret
To Making Money Online, By Accident...

And Now He's Spilling The Beans On How You Can Make Money With Your Own Easy To Run... Search Engine Marketing Business!"

Hi There, its Marcus Campbell again, above is the picture I used to run in local parenting magazines for my Magician business back in 1997-2001.

Allow me to give you a little background on myself so you can better get to know me and see some of the things I have done and am now doing… and why I do what I do.

It all started in 1998 without much money or background… actually that was the year I graduated from high school with a whopping 2.0 grade average… not exactly college material, in fact it wasn’t even a normal high school… it was one of those… your failing… go here and try to graduate schools.  At the time I was working as a computer salesman (I loved computers… still do) and dabbled in website creation… The power of internet marketing hit me one day when a man came in for a new computer and was talking about how he has a legal forms website and was able to sell 12-15 legal forms every day for about $7 a pop… all profit… Pay Per Click wasn’t around all that much back then, so he had no hard costs.

I logged that in the back of my mind… as I kept selling computers and trying to work at my magic business (I did magic for kids birthdays, schools, and restaurants).

While all this was going on I was devoting 4-5 hours a day to the study of direct marketing, search engine rankings, and anything I could read on the subject of marketing and advertising.

Soon I was reminded of the power of marketing when I changed my local ad for my magic business from:

Magic By Marcus
Magic Balloons Comedy and Fun!


Make Your Childs Party Unforgettable
45 Minute Magic Show
Audience Participation
Tons Of Fun… Call Marcus Now!

Almost instantly I went from a lousy 5 shows a week… to being booked solid and going full time.  From the same magazine at the same price… the only difference was the wording of my ad.  That is the power of marketing… making an ad people have to respond too, making an ad that shows them the benefit right up front… in their face… with a call to action.

By 1999 I was doing web sites full time and magic as well… I was still broke but was having fun and paying my bills on time… for once. 

In 2000 I had built a website for a local cigar company and was able to get them ranked on the search engines for words like “free cigar” and many other brand name terms… their traffic came in pretty steady.  That was cool, and I was able to charge them now as a SEO guy instead of just a web designer… that was a nice extra chunk of change.

So I stopped building websites (dot com crash kind of killed that gig) and started ranking the sites that were already around by getting them ranked on the search engines… my first baby was due soon so I had to make this thing work… and this was the best way or so I thought.

Marketing sites went really well… Basically I went into paypal – got lists of sites by category, and emailed them saying….

I have some ideas to get more business to your _______ website. Call me and we can go over them…

Because the ______ had their business name they thought it was personal and called almost immediately.  Since they accepted paypa1, I knew after I sold them I could instantly have them paypal me the money and drop it right to my bank account.  It was sweeeeet.

I was able to make $200-300 a day in profit doing this… some days even $700 – $1200 in profit.  That was enough to get me outta my rut… my second year I pulled in a cool $67,000!  But as I was doing my taxes I got to thinking… I was making about 5-6 grand a month…. Which is nice, but I have generated over a two million visitors for my clients… even at a measly $0.10 per click that would be $200,000 in revenue for me… without the phone calls, the refunds, the pain in the ass… just sitting and making money… and best of all… if I did that full time… I would be able to make a ton of sites.

Search Engine Marketing Quick Facts

  • Did You Know Hundreds Of Millions Of People Use Search Engines To Look Things Up Every Single Day?

  • Did You Also Know That Every Day Millions And Millions Of Dollars Are Being Spent To Advertise To Those Searchers?

  • Did You Know That People Just Like You And I Are Making Fortunes Helping People Find What They Want On Search Engines By Being The Middle Man?

So I did. I decided in late 2002 I was gonna make a site on my own to sell gas scooters… I made a site… got the rankings… and about the 2nd month I pulled in $13,000 in sales… and I didn’t even touch the scooters… I took the order on my site… forwarded it to the shipper… and paid him for the wholesale price.

Our best converting keyword was “gas powered scooters for cheap” which at that time had no competition. 

I did that for 3 months and decided to make sites that were all affiliate based… meaning I didn’t take the money, the order, nothing… just forwarded them to a merchant site and got a cut.

This proved to be very lucrative… I made sites for cable descramblers, mortgages, payday loans, dental insurance, anything I could find a product for… I made a site.  Heck I even made money on a site that sold a book for people who wanted to find out if their spouses were unfaithful.

My first year as an affiliate marketer I was able to generate over $167,000, my second year I generated about $300,000 my third year was about $280,000, and I was living the life… no “real” business to run… the clicks just came in and went and did their thing… no hard advertising costs… just domains hosting and the occasional submission cost… life was sweet.

Then it happened… the search algorithms changed… overnight I dropped from a cool $1000 a day profit… to about $200 a day… it hurt… I was scared, lost, and confused… I now had 2 kids, a stay at home wife and a big ole fat California house payment.

But I knew that I was a search marketer, and as long as people were still searching for things on the internet... I would make money!

A Good Marketer Is Never Out Of Work!

So I decided to dive into the world of pay per click marketing… this was starting to get really big with adwords, yahoo buying overture, and all the companies wanting in on the search marketing goldmine.

It started good, thanks to my background in studying “direct marketing” like a fiend…. I read books, printed half the internet on the subject (well my wife thought it was half the internet – she’s a paper conserver), and kept reading.

About a month after my stuff took a hit (late 2004) I set up a site about mortgages… this site did well… made about $300 a day in profit… add that to my $200 a day left from the old stuff… and I was able to live again J

As time went on I tweaked the sites and ads, and the bid costs and was able to get that mortgage site to about $900 - $1100 a day in profit… as time went on I kept adding new sites to my PPC arsenal… and did really well… I even had a few mid to high 5 figure days in there… and in 2006 I had my first year over $1,060,000.  Of course being in pay per click that wasn’t all profit… but I was able to have a good 40% profit margin.  About $400,000 in one year aint too shabby is it J

Now I sit here in 2007 on track to have another great year… and I decided since I haven’t yet found a complete SEM training guide (after spending over $63,000 on ebooks, training dvds, software programs, ect… im gonna make my own program.. that's why I came up with "Simple Sites Big Profits."

So what's the deal here... Why is search engine marketing better than any other business on the planet?

Imagine Running A Business Where:

  • There Are No Set "work" Hours

  • You Can Vacation Whenever You Want

  • Your Income Was Only Limited By Your Imagination

  • Is Backed By A Multi Billion Dollar Industry

  • Has The Best Support System Ever

  • You Don't Need A Lot Of Money To Start... Heck I Started With Less Than A Hundred Bucks In The Bank!

  • There Was A Compete Set Of Instructions To Teach You Exactly How To Start And Run Your New Business Successfully

Not To Mention The Fact That My Search Engine Marketing Business Has Taken Me To New Places All over The Country And Let Me Meet New People.

Imagine if You Knew You Couldn't Fail!

If you follow the directions... and keep at it, you CAN make it work!
(Notice I didn't say keep throwing money at it... I don't believe in throwing money away)

So Go Ahead... Stop Learning Little Tricks and Tips... and Learn A Real Business!

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Marcus Has worked out agreements with his advertising partners to get a 2-5% bonus percentage on the amount of money his students generate. So it is in his best interest to teach you, and train you, and work with you... till you make money, that is why his Training Course Is So Inexpensive... He Wants To Make Money Off You by teaching you the best He can and get nice BIG referral checks :) heck one of his students made him over $7,268 in June alone. JUST IMAGINE WHAT HIS STUDENT MADE! :)



To the best of my knowledge the information contained in this book and videos is true and accurate.  We cannot guarantee that you will make money using these principals.  Please use discretion when marketing online and contact a lawyer for any legal advice.  We are not responsible for how you decide to use this information.

This is a guide showing you how I have used the simple sites big profits method to generate an income online.  I cannot guarantee that you will make money following these steps. it is possible you may even loose money.