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Dear Internet Friend,

Do you really want to do what it takes to start and build an online business so you can make extra money from home... or even work from home full time?

Are you like countless others scared to death of getting scammed by some fancy internet salesman promising the world for a "small" fee?

My goal with this page is to help you understand how to look at any online "business opportunity" objectively so you will never get ripped off - no matter how slick talking the next guy pretends to be.

WARNING - Reading This Free Report By Marcus Campbell Will Rid Your Brain Of All The Scams And Pie In The Sky Ideas And Teach You What You REALLY Need To Do RIGHT NOW...If You Want To Make Money Online Legitimately!

My name is Marcus Campbell, I have been working from home using the internet for over 9 years now full time. I live in beautiful northern California with my lovely wife and two adorable little girls.  It really is nice to be home with them all the time.

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First of I would like to tell you not to get discouraged and not to give up.  The internet lifestyle is real! I live it as well as many of my "marketing buddies" and some personal friends.  

I can tell you first hand that this lifestyle is incredible... but it does take work, so be ready for it!  The work is well worth it though. 

Imagine not having to commute, ask for days off, worry about layoffs, getting to take vacations whenever you like, and if you work really hard you can get paid really really well too.

Ok with all that said... don't ever let the "Scam Artists" cheat you out of having your chance at this lifestyle - they ruin it for so many people.

Second off I would like you to know that I am in fact a real live person... don't believe me? Call my toll free number 800-893-0675 I'm usually around on the weekdays... or you can email me at

"I'm not a guru, just an average guy who knows what works and I want to share that with you so we can both make money together - If You Ever Have A Question... Call Me At 800-893-0675 I'm Usually Around During The Day!"

How To Spot An Internet Scam

Over the past 9 years I have been confronted by and researched over 250 business opportunities, mlms, business systems. You name it have probably heard of it in one way or another.

You can always spot a scam by looking at the offer presented, and where the money comes from.

Scam Alert #1 - Do they promise anything?

Think about it for a second... how can I possibly promise you will make money, I don't know you, how hard you will work, how your mind works... I wouldn't dare tell you how much you will earn with any program.

But I can tell you if you work hard, I will be here to help you even after you order!

Scam Alert #2 - Is the work required realistic?

As much as we would all like to believe the "sit in your lazy chair take a nap have a beer and go get checks in the mail" line, it simply is not true. 

If the work sounds to easy or unrealistic... Run away.

Building a business takes time and work.  But is sure as heck beats an 8 hour low paying job you hate going to every day... and its fun... I love this work :o)

This is work anyone can do if they really set their mind to it. 

We even have complete "Newbies" building websites and making money within a few short weeks of ordering the simple sites program.

This business is absolutely doable - if your ready to get to work - order now and ill take good care of you.

Scam Alert #3 - Does The Business Model Make Sense?

I am sure you have seen the ads - here is a few I get all the time...

Get $70,000 in your paypal account right now!

Make money online with no work required!

Process Rebates From Home And Get $273 Each Day!

Or how bout, just recruit 2 people and then they recruit 2 people, then'll be rich when you have 1000000000000000000 people making you 5c each.

That's just a line of bull to make a company rich by getting you to be their salesman in the end its you... the customer... who loses.

Please don't ever fall prey to having to PAY to sell something.

The business model taught in 'Simple Sites Big Profits' has been around for years and makes sense... companies pay you to show ads.  Can it get any easier?

In Simple Sites Big Profits I Even Give You A List Of The Companies That Will Pay You... Were Talking Fortune 500 Multi Million Dollar Companies, Backed By A Multi Billion Dollar Industry That Has Been Around For Many Years!

Scam Alert #4 - Does It Look Shady?

If you have a question about a site, you can always go to and check them out... or do a WHOIS search on the domain name... that will show you how long they have been around. Or even do a google for "Business Name + Scam"

Here is what mine looks like under our main company which I started back in 2001 - Yep... I've Been Around A Long Long Time.

Also what is the support like... can you get them by phone, email, instant messenger?

Scam Alert #5 - Where Does The Money Come From?

When you evaluate any business opportunity, system, or program you always want to look at where the money comes from.  If it doesnt make sense... leave the site.

Recently i was approached by a long time friend about a program where he wanted me to invest $12,000 and i would get 1% back per day as long as i had my money in there.... now if you do the math that would more than triple my money every year.  So i asked him (as well as tons of high ranking people in his business) where does the money come from... how can they afford to pay me so much...


Want to know where the money comes from when you follow the simple sites big profits method? Ill tell ya right up front...

Ever watch American idol?

If you do you are among 30 million other Americans who tune in each week... as you know every time that show plays, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars are spent on advertising.

Now that is the same thing I do on a small scale.  I build a simple site about a subject... lets say "How To Install Laminate Flooring" which is looked up over 300 times a day online... so this could actually work. 

Now lets say I have 300 people coming to my site each and every day... now I can go to that list of companies I talked about earlier and get paid to run ads, get clicks, generate leads, generate sales, or even get downloads.... I remember one ad that actually paid me $1.50 or so to get people to print a coupon for a free eye exam.

Bottom Line - Companies Want More Business... If You Can Help Them Get That (which ill show you exactly how) You Will Be Rewarded... The Neat Part Is I Have Done ALL the legwork for you... you dont even have to find the companies, or bill them, or anything like that... there are third party companies who take care of us... ive been using that list of companies for many years without fail.

Ok, So here's a little secret... my hidden agenda if you will...

Over the past years, evaluating business opportunities, ebooks, and kits, has really made me angry because all the junk makes it so much harder for a guy like me to share the truth with people.

So, here is my solution... after 8 years of hard work in the affiliate marketing industry I pretty much have this down to a science, I sit down, make a site, and it makes profit from day one... not a HUGE $500 profit its first day, but anywhere from $5-50 each and every day.

Now while I cannot make 1000's of sites each month for all the subjects i want to tackle.... I can teach you how to build them. 

I have worked out a little incentive with these third party companies to give me a small "Bonus" check based on what my students earn.  This is above and beyond your earnings as a way of thanking me for bringing them more business.

So as you can see my goal here is to help you make money so that I get a bigger bonus check... its only a 2-5% bonus but last year 3 of my students made me over $62,187 in "Bonus" money. 

So the question is... are you going to let anything stop you from working with me... i have laid all the cards on the table, told you what I am about, told you how to contact me, and even told you how to spot an internet scam.

I realize this isn't for the lazy... But obviously you aren't lazy... you read this whole page.  So get started... ill help you as much as I can.

The system makes sense, and I have made it as easy as possible for you.

Keep in mind the affiliate marketing industry is a multi billion dollar per year industry backed by some of the largest internet companies in the USA... and at any given time there are hundreds of thousands of people making their livings as affiliate marketers... I am one of them and I am going to teach you how you can be one too.

Here it is in a nutshell - Find A Market (I show you exactly how)- Spend a few hours on a site (I show you how and give you templates)... then make $25 a day... Every day. 

How Many Simple Sites Do You Want To Make?

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Disclaimer: Simple Sites Big Profits And the Simple Sites Big Profits Website is a guide showing you how I have used the simple sites big profits method to generate an income online for over 8 years now.  While I cannot guarantee that you will make money following these steps. it is possible you may even lose money.The Sites And Examples Referenced In This Website And In The Simple Sites Program May Not Be Producing The Same Results, May Not Be Making Money, Or Even Be Running At The Time You Are Reading This.