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The Real Secret To Making Money Online


Marcus Campbell
North of San Francisco
Monday Night, 11:37 a.m.

Dear Friend,

So you want to know the real "secret" to making a living online do ya?

Well listen up... I've been at this 'game' over 9 years... generating over 3 million dollars in commissions from my simple little websites. 

And guess what? less than 5% of that revenue was from selling "make money online" type stuff. 

That's right... most of the money I have made online comes from real world sites... just like I am going to teach you how to build and profit from... real world stuff.

Now I am sure some of you may be asking yourself...

"Is He Just Writing This Report
To Try To Sell Me Something?"

Yes... You Bet I Am - But not because I need your money or have to make sales, simply because I  know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Simple Sites Big Profits System is one of the best training products out there for you to start making money online.

That is not to say that you cannot learn anything from this report... this report contains some really powerful business truths that WILL help you make money.

First lets cut to the chase and get this out of the way so you can get the real truth about making money online...

Making Money Online... Is a Business and you must treat it like one
Making Money Online... Isn't a super easy push a button and get rich deal
Making Money Online... Will take some work and effort
Making Money Online... Can be very rewarding and makes life fun

You see, most people want a super easy push button way to get the results they desire RIGHT NOW with no effort at all. 

This is simply not the way things work.

To get the results you want you MUST put forth the effort.

That is not to say that getting the results is a super hard strenuous task. 

Some of the steps you can take to make money online are actually quite easy.  You just have to get started.

Just like dieting... which is one of my goals for '09... In order to get rid of the 10 lbs I want to lose I must take little steps every day to reach that goal. 

So I got a treadmill and started jogging two-four miles every day.  Those little miles added up over a year would get me all the way from San Francisco to Denver Colorado, and will most certainly take 10 lbs off... I'll probably reach that goal in about a month.

Plus... a side benefit is the fact that I feel much better after I take those little steps and have my jog.

You too will feel better knowing that the little steps you take are getting you somewhere and the great reward of you own accomplishments will begin to make you feel great.

Now... On To The Big Secret... Allow This To Sink In...

“The most powerful force in the universe is
compound interest” - Albert Einstein

There is basically one big asset you have to making money online.


Each one of us is allotted 24 hours each and every day. 

While I understand that most of you work full time jobs, take care of kids, cook dinner, and barely even have time to breath.

Yes... I Sympathize with you...

...Sometimes its all I can do to sit down and work... playing with the kids and doing things with my family is much more enjoyable... BUT I know if I can sit down and write a report like this in about 45 minutes... I OWN IT!

This report is like a mini asset for me.

This report can be used to get traffic to my site, generate buyers, generate clicks to ads, I can post it on blogs, and much more.

Same with my 'Simple Sites' I can build a little site in an hour or less, and it could make me $10 - $50 a day or more... EACH AND EVERY DAY!

Imagine if you spent just 15 minutes each and every day on your business... at the end of the year you would have spent a total of 91 hours and 15 minutes.

Even if you are slow... you can make at least ten sites in that amount of time.  That's like a site every 9 hours not to hefty of a goal... we are being super conservative here.

If each site was to make you just five dollars each day in profit... you would make $18,250 each year in profit. 

Most of you will spend more time and that is great!  You will reap the reward of your labor.

The key is to spend your time doing something that will produce income EVEN WHEN YOU AREN'T WORKING!

I'll Show You How To Do This Later...

Please realize this is hypothetical and I cannot guarantee what you will make (never trust anyone who does) but this is very realistic and I believe its attainable... I've Done It!

The cool part is that you can even do this with little or even no money to start.

Most people just get frustrated because they don't see huge results RIGHT NOW... and eventually give up.

Here is the mentality of many people:

"I want to win the lottery - Yea, get 5 million dollars instantly--wouldn't that be great. That's why I buy $50 worth of lottery tickets every month...

Oh, and I'm also getting into this internet marketing thing-- I'm shooting for a website that makes me, like over three or six hundred bucks a day. Then I'll maybe make a second and third one!"

....O.K., back to reality here:

You've met the folks that talk like in the above paragraphs.

And why are they so far away from ever seeing real success?

That's right, because their goals are unrealistic.

Not that the lottery is not winnable or that a website can't make $600 or more a day. But instead of trying to take on the entire staircase in one giant leap (superhuman), how 'bout taking one step at a time until you reach the top of the staircase?

Personally, I want to build (another) website that makes like $45 or maybe even as little as $10 a day, and build my business one day at a time.

So here is the deal... while most people were rushing about trying to find a way to make MILLIONS of dollars online... I have secretly been setting up a bunch of little websites that make between $10 - $500 a day EACH, and at any given time I run about 20 sites!

The money starts to add up quickly doesn't it?

It's the same principal used in other businesses...

A guy runs an ad in a local paper... finds out it sells... then runs it in papers across the country.

McDonalds finds out that their junky but cheap food sells... so they open thousands more McDonalds... and multiply their income thousands and thousands of times.

You will never get rich selling $1 hamburgers with your own time and effort. 

You must branch out and leverage your time to make more money.

The key to running these franchises is

1. having the start up cost of $100K to $1,000,000


2. being able to open more franchises and leverage your effort. 

The average franchise owner makes appx. $50,000 - $125,000 per year... That means it takes about 3 years to make your money back... not to mention the hard work.

The cost to start websites is virtually nothing... I'm talking less than $50 and the income potential is literally endless. 

You don't have to pay for a storefront, inventory, or anything like that.

You can even get free advertising if you want.

Here is the cool part...

All you need is a system that works and you can duplicate it to generate more and more money. You shoot for more easily achievable 'mini-goals.' But they add up!

Learn the system here

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people call me or email me about how to make money in an online business and ask me...

“Marcus, what is the quickest way to make money online fast without spending any money and doing any work?”

There is no shortage of people who want a free ride. I hear it all the time, even from my own family members…"dude how can I click around and make money online?"

The truth is… if you are really serous about making money online you have to work it just like any thing else in life.

Keep in mind that it is very much a blessing to work from home when I want and make a great living, but it doesn’t come overnight.

Most people want to wake up and make a million bucks tomorrow, probably not gonna happen. But if you focus on small attainable goals--like a small site that generates $20 a day--now you're talking!

So with my little "online money making business opportunity rant" out of the way, let's get into the details of how you can put this to work for yourself and actually meet your goal.

About 2 years ago I put up a little one page website about “Betta fish.” These are little blue goldfish type pets that people have.

I noticed that this term was looked up over 800 times per day and thought “hmmmm there must be a market here.”

I did some research and found a book at Clickbank that offered Betta fish advice, health tips, etc… this guy pays $17.98 per sale of his fish book. Pretty cool huh? I also put some adsense on the page and a few other links to betta fish related websites. Within the first 24 hours of the site going live I was able to sell 2 of these books and generate $7 with one of my other offers. Total that up at about $43 minus the $18 in clicks, and now I have a site that makes me an average of $25 a day. Not too shabby for a few hours work!

Imagine if I could make another site… perhaps about goldfish… and another one about tropical fish… and another about saltwater fish… if they all did like my Betta fish site I could potentially make $100 per day off of funny little one to five page websites.

And this my friends is the key to making lots of money online. You must find hungry target markets…find offers for the markets…make a targeted offer page… and get some traffic.

Here is another BIG point that will help you...

Every Single Day... Hundreds Of Millions Of People Use Search Engines To Find Things Online!

That's right...and that is exactly how google generates billions upon billions of dollars in revenue each and every year... not to mention yahoo, msn, aol, and countless of other search engines.

Google Sites Revenues - Google-owned sites generated revenues of $3.67 billion, or 67% of total revenues, in the third quarter of 2008.

Google Network Revenues - Google's partner sites generated revenues, through AdSense programs, of $1.68 billion, or 30% of total revenues, in the third quarter of 2008.

(*A generously large portion of this is paid to people like you and me.)

source - http://investor.google.com/releases/2007Q3.html

They make money... cause people like you and me search for things... we search for mortgages, we search for sleep remedies, we search for lawn care tips... anything and everything... some people even search for weird things... but I don't go there ;)

So lets have a nice little example...

Every single day over 100,000 people search for tattoos online... they search tattoos, printable tattoos, tattoo designs, fairy tattoos, heart tattoos, and so on.

I made a simple tattoo website one morning before my coffee even got cold, this site marketed a downloadable tattoo design ebook, a special offer, and some individual downloadable tattoos from a major tattoo website with an affiliate program.

I was able to get visitors to my site for anywhere from 1-5 cents per visitor.

Because the site was easy to use and gave the visitors what they wanted I was able to make 6-10c off each visitor that came to my site.

Now I did make a mistake with this site cause I was kind of lazy and I didn't capture email addresses from my visitors... which would have been fairly easy and probably quadrupled my revenue... but at any rate this site made me well over $35,000 in profit the first 10 months it was live.

Keep in mind I have done this with tons of other sites... and you can too.

So my question is... are you ready to do what it takes to get your portion of the internet marketing fortunes being made every single day?

Here's how it works...

1. You choose a word that is looked up
2. You build a simple 1-5 page website
3. You give quality content and run advertisements that pay

Of course there is a lot more to it than that... but don't worry, inside you will get every drop of information you need to make this work for you... including free programs, tools, videos, and more.

Get Started Here - And Get Personal Help From Marcus

Here are five things you can start doing right now to start using the power of compounding interest to build your income over and over again.

1. Post your ads on blogs each and every day (learn this in the conversation profits video)

2. Build little websites each week and drive traffic to them (check out chapters 1-5)

3. Build youtube videos and drive people to your site (fast action video)

4. Write little reports on subjects you know about and sell them or use them to generate traffic and clicks to affiliate offers (niche secrets video)

5. Run pay per click traffic to affiliate offers (arbitrage secrets video)

Each of these things will build your income over time if used correctly.

The key is learning to do them the right way, and just getting to work.

Get Started Here - And Get Personal Help From Marcus

So go ahead... use these tools to start building your income day by day.


Marcus Campbell

PS: If you are serious about making money online get started here and email me if you have any questions on how you can build your income using the power of compound interest.

PPS: A lot of people think they need to "Spend Money To Make Money" and this is simply not true at all.  I will show you ways to get started with absolutely nothing and urge you NOT to spend a bunch of money till you "make it."

PPSS: Right now as you read this there are thousands and thousands of people all across the USA who make their livings as affiliate marketers.  This is a real business!

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